Mobile Processing

Just because you’re on the go is no reason profits have to come to a stop. With mobile credit card processing, your business goes anywhere you do. Add multiple users, and suddenly you’re open for business anywhere, any time. Use our mobile credit card processing solutions:

  • At Conferences and Conventions
  • While Making Service Calls
  • To Fast-Track Long Lines During Checkout
  • At Sidewalk Sales and Other Offsite Promotions
  • Selling Special-Event Merchandise
  • At Farmers Markets and Craft Fairs
  • While Traveling on Business
  • Wire Free Credit Card Reader
  • Even on Vacation

In other words, take your credit card processing wherever your goods or services are in demand!

Exclusive Rate Lock

The NextStagePayments processing fees to accept credit cards are locked for the life of your account, guaranteed. 

Because our clients enjoy interchange plus pricing, also known as interchange pass-through pricing, our client’s rates are set by MasterCard, Visa and Discover. We pass these interchange costs directly to our clients at cost. These rates are publicly available and published by the card companies on their websites. The interchange rates are subject to change as directed by the credit card associations and NextStage Payments or any other processing company or bank has absolutely no control over the interchange rates mandated by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express as well as the Debit networks. When interchange rates decrease our clients immediately enjoy these discounts, but when the interchange rates and fees increase these are passed along at cost.

NextStage Payments fees (the “plus” in interchange plus) include your processing fees, authorization fees and monthly service fee to maintain your account. The rate lock is in effect for the NextStage Payments processing fees. Let’s be completely open and transparent — you want amazing customer service and we need to be there for you, so the NextStage Payments fees allow us to provide you immediate access to an industry expert whenever you need help. We’re committed to every client that our processing fees will not only be the lowest possible, but are also locked for the life of your account. This program can only be discontinued if matters outside our control make it nonviable. 

What’s the NextStage Difference?

Most credit card processors prefer multi-tier or teaser rate pricing structure. On your statement you’ll see a teaser rates that seems great, but when you do the math to calculate your effective rate by dividing your actual costs by your credit card transaction volume, you’re shocked to learn that your actual or effective rate is much higher than your teaser rate. Some clients perform the effective rate calculation and find that they are paying over 4% or more, which is significantly higher than the rate they thought they were paying! This is because on average the rates that are charged in these multi-tier pricing schemes are set to benefit the processor, not the client.

NextStage Payments shows you our actual costs (the interchange rates) for each card that your business accepts instead of hiding the actual rates or burying them somewhere on your statement. Our fees are fully disclosed, and you’ll never see a misleading teaser rate. This results in a lower effective rate and a significant cost reduction for your business.

The bottom line is that your business wants to pay the minimum possible to accept credit cards. Our industry experts at NextStage Payments will gladly show you how interchange plus pricing can directly reduce your actual costs versus those other rate structures the others are offering. 

The “creep”

Finally, with our exclusive lifetime rate lock, you’re assured that the NextStage Payments processing fees are locked and will not increase. A common industry tactic is to slowly increase your rates after you sign up so you experience “rate creep”. When challenged your existing processor may match a rate today only to slowly adjust your rates higher in future months. With NextStage Payments you have our guarantee that our processing fees will not increase, period.

This is the NextStage promise, no bait and switch, no rate creep, no surprises, take your business to the next stage with NextStage Payments!

Virtual Terminal

A Single Gateway For Keyed/Swiped Transactions, ECommerce, And Mobile Credit Card Processing

  • Manage all of your in-store and online transactions using a centralized account.
  • Keep track of payments made using your credit card virtual terminal, as well as those using mobile credit card processing machines.

Stores Card Numbers (Tokenization) For Quick Reference

  • Tokenization, when applied to data security, is when a sensitive data element is substituted with a non-sensitive equivalent and has no exploitable or extrinsic meaning or value.
  • It allows a merchant to support all of their existing business and card payment terminal processes that require sensitive data while mitigating risk and protecting your customers’ confidential information.
  • Quickly reference your client’s credit card information securely stored within your small business merchant services Card Manager service.

Recurring And Installment Payments Using A Virtual Terminal For Credit Card Processing

  • A recurring transaction will run automatically within the specified billing cycle on the scheduled payment day without the need to send it manually. You can also designate a specific number of installments to complete a payment plan using the virtual terminal payment solution.

Unlimited Users At No Additional Cost – Mobile Processing Included

  • Gain the ability to use multiple POS credit card terminals without having to pay for additional users. This includes mobile processing, an online terminal and optional USB credit card reader support.

Connect To Your Shopping Cart

  • Integrate your online credit card terminal systems to keep track of sales and transactions across all platforms. Here is a list with some of our compatible carts.

Cash Discount

Credit and debit card transactions have a processing fee associated with them that merchants must pay, this is referred to industry terms as credit card processing fees (for more information, click here). As a result, some businesses are reluctant to take credit and debit cards for small purchases. After all, these fees can add up quickly and when merchants see their processing statement at the end of the month, it can sometimes be quite shocking!

This is where cash discount comes in:designed to work for merchants who do lots of small-ticket transactions, cash discount is a program that allows merchants to pass the credit card processing fee to their customers by offering a discount for paying with cash or a check. This is different from a surcharge for credit and debit card users in that the“normal” price of the transaction is the price that credit and debit card users would pay, and customers that use cash or check would receive a discount. A surcharge would mean that the “normal” price of the transaction is what cash or check payments would cost, and those who pay with a debit or credit card would have to pay an extra processing fee.

The best example of Cash Discount is a Gas Station.  Gas Stations post two different prices, one for cash, and one for credit cards.  You can’t get any more straight forward than that.  Merchants using a Point of Sale (POS) software are able to increase prices to reflect the credit card processing fees, then at the time of check out, a discount for cash can apply.  Merchants using a menu would be forced to reprint or change posted menus.

Business to Business Card Processing

When accepting credit cards from other businesses, it is extremely important to make sure you are set up correctly.  With NextStagePayments we will make sure that every transaction is handled professionally and accurately. It is our highest priority to help your organization achieve your financial success and to do this we look to learn what is needed to help achieve maximum efficiency and lowest cost.  


Level Two and Level Three Processing


Business to business costs can often be reduced from passing the proper data with every transaction.  With NextStagePayment you will see these benefits when accepting certain card types by automatically passing Level II and III data through our Virtual Terminal.