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Chargebacks are when a bank charges a business for an amount previously charged to a customer. The customer disputes the charge from the business, and the bank returns their funds. The processing bank may also charge a chargeback fee and there can also be additional penalties and fines. While this can be a legitimate dispute, this can also be an attempt at fraud, receiving products or services and then initiating a chargeback to keep from paying the bill.

Protecting any business against fraud and chargeback fees and fines is essential. Many businesses operate on slim margins and chargeback fees and other expenses can wreck your financial status. Next Stage Payments offers advanced options for fraud and chargeback protection, guarding your business finances and reputation.

Prevention and Protection

Next Stage Payments offers our clients fraud/chargeback protection and our specialists work with your business to reduce legitimate chargebacks and attempts at fraud. Customer-initiated chargebacks occur most due to:

  • Unrecognized Transactions
  • Dissatisfaction with a Product or Service
  • A Product or Service was Not Received but Charged
  • Fraud Attempts (particularly when a CC is not present)

Many credit card companies allow around 120 days for customers to initiate a dispute and request a chargeback. In some cases, customers may have up to 18 months to initiate a dispute. Your business will be notified by the credit card company of any dispute and attempt to chargeback, and you have options: issue a refund, fight the chargeback or simply allow the process to play out.

The experts at Next Stage Payments can work with your business to research previous chargebacks, examine your current processes and help make changes to prevent chargebacks from happening. These can include:

  • Improving your transaction processes
  • Automating credit card processing and rules
  • Clarifying/improving billing descriptors on statements
  • Creating a process for deciding when to fight or allow chargebacks
  • Addressing any quality control issues, marketing clarity issues, etc.
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