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For many years, businesses have been absorbing the rising costs of accepting credit card payments. Before the Durbin Amendment was passed in 2010 and surcharging credit card payments started to become legal in various states following a ruling by the Supreme Court in 2013, businesses had to cover the cost of accepting electronic payments. Today, merchants can legally pass along the cost of accepting credit cards to their customers through various methods that are allowed by both law and the card brands.

The most important aspect of running any program, such as those mentioned above, is to do so in compliance with card brand rules as well as state laws. When implemented correctly through our unique point of sale technology, merchants can immediately begin to receive tremendous savings on their credit card acceptance costs. Our surcharge program allows merchants to pass on a fee to customers paying by credit card, while the merchant still absorbs the cost of accepting debit card transactions. The Cash Discount Program and Dual Pricing Programs work slightly differently, where the customer receives a discounted or lower price below the posted regular price for paying for their purchase with cash or check.


Surcharging credit cards is legal under the card brand rules as well as state laws. As of the date of this writing, surcharging credit cards is legal in all but two states, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Surcharging is a program that allows merchants to add a fee of up to 3.00% to credit card transactions to offset part or all of their cost of accepting a credit card. However, surcharging does not allow merchants to add an additional fee to debit card transactions. Our technology will automatically determine whether the card being used is a credit card or debit card and apply the surcharge only when a credit card is used. In businesses that see heavy credit card usage, this program can generate substantial savings. However, businesses that typically receive a high number of debit card transactions will see a much smaller savings over traditional pricing when utilizing the surcharge program and may want to consider a Cash Discount or Dual Pricing Program.

Dual Pricing

You’ve seen gas stations running Dual Pricing programs for years. Dual Pricing is a very transparent method of displaying both a cash price and a regular price to customers. Up until recently, it was difficult for businesses to implement this type of program due to POS limitations and unpredictable payment processing costs. Technology has now caught up to make this program possible in small to medium-sized businesses. When businesses implement a Dual Pricing program, they are able to give their valued customers a great experience by being clear about what their products cost when paid for by different means. Our program is set with a flat rate of payment acceptance that covers exactly the difference between the regular price of an item and the cash price of an item. That difference is retained to fully cover the cost of processing transactions.

Cash Discount

With our Cash Discount program, our software helps merchants automatically adjust their posted pricing to include the cost to accept credit cards and discount the regular posted price at the point of sale with the click of a button for customers electing to pay by cash or check. This program ensures that merchants are able to maintain the same profit margin on their sales, regardless of their customer’s preferred method of payment. Merchant’s utilizing our cash discount program are able to cover their cost of accepting credit cards up to 100% and with the fees getting paid daily from the program, merchant’s are not left with a large processing expense at the end of each month.

How It Works

Our various solutions that handle these specialized programs will bill a small monthly program fee that covers administrative costs to maintain the technology and provide ongoing support. You and your business deserve to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible, and these popular programs will help you retain money that you used to spend on processing payments, putting those dollars to better use.

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